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On a screen, I am trying to format the date/time in the {{date}} field to display seconds. I see the FORMAT-DATE function but I'm not sure where to place the function. In the dynamic value field of the {{date}} field? Or do I need to create a hidden field and run the function there?

  • You can find documentation on this here under Section 4: 

    1) Put a hidden field right under this date field

    2) In your new hidden fields dynamic value put the following formula FORMAT-DATE({{date}}, 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss')

    Its important to remember for your output that you reference your hidden fields data name, otherwise if you reference the original date field data name you wont see the format-date changes you made.

    Below is more information regarding this formula.

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  • It's also possible to change the format of the date and time field in other ways. You can skip the date or time entirely, showing just one or the other. And if you prefer to use a period instead of a colon between the hour and the minute, you could write the formula accordingly.

    To illustrate both:


    This will display the time in the format of 12.00pm, skipping both the date and the space between the minute and the AM/PM.

    For more information on this, please refer to the Formula Cheat Sheet article on our Knowledge Base (linked above) and a relevant article from MSDN: 

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